The Ultimate Comparison Between Android and iOS App Development

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3 min readOct 4, 2022
Android for Google and iOS for Apple

In the industry of mobile software, there are two of the most popular and demanding smartphone operating systems: Android for Google and iOS for Apple. But when it comes to the point of developing a mobile app, the real combat between the two starts. As your application can be designed and developed on both Android and iOS, you still need to research and measure the pros and cons of each in the industry. Talking to a mobile app development company like Mrmmbs Vision will help you understand the stark differences.

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Naturally, both platforms are good, but you have to go for one, which makes it a tedious task. Today in the blog post we will explain to you the difference between Android and iOS app development and make things simpler for you.

A comparison chart of the two

When it comes to the comparison of both operating systems, there are a lot of points that make sense. For instance, the usage of different programming languages, point of budget, area of maintenance, customization, and others.

  1. App development tools

Android: With an open-source development platform, Android has several third-party apps and tools. The most common one to utilize is Android Studio.


iOS: Apple has its own limited set of tools that help developers design and develop apps. The most common tool to utilize is Xcode.

2. Programming languages

Android: The development of an Android app is done by using common programming languages like Java and others related to it.


iOS: The development of the iOS app is done by using programming languages related to Objective-C.

3. Store

Android: The publishing store for Android apps is the Google Play Store. Users looking for Android apps can find and download them from the play store. To sell your app on the Google Play store, you need to negotiate terms with Google.


iOS: The publishing store for iOS apps is the Apple App Store, which lets you publish your app on the platform and sell it. Even if it is governed by Apple, one still needs to make sure before getting started.

4. Complexity

Android: Due to several types of devices and development needs, the complexity of Android app development is greater.


iOS: Due to lean types and devices only used on Apple OS, the development of iOS apps is easier and less complex in nature.

5. Security

Android: The time needed for security checks and requirements in Android apps only takes a few hours and is faster than iOS.


iOS: The security checks and requirements in iOS apps take days to verify. It is much larger than the Android operating system.

Apart from the above-mentioned point of difference, there are several other distinctions between an Android and iOS application which an Android app development company will let you know. Regardless of these differences, it is your decision to opt for the one that best suits your business. It is advised to identify your business needs, analyze your target audience, and manage development time and cost, along with other possible obstructions.

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